What’s Connect Your Community 2.0?

Connect Your Community 2.0 is working to to develop sustainable strategies that empower tens of thousands of Cleveland and Detroit residents to join the digital mainstream.

Between 2010 and 2013, many of CYC 2.0’s participants were part of a groundbreaking Federally-funded “sustainable broadband adoption” effort called the Connect Your Community Project, anchored by nonprofit broadband provider OneCommunity. With those Federal funds (from the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program) we were able to recruit, train and equip more than 10,000 Cleveland and Detroit residents to connect to the Internet and use it to make their lives better.

Connect Your Community 1.0 was a big step in the right direction. But the Federal support that made it possible is gone, and not likely to return any time soon.

CYC 2.0 is our next step — a collaborative effort to develop sustainable, local strategies to keep our communities moving toward digital literacy and access for 100% of our neighbors.

CYC 2.0 participants

CYC 2.0 projects (January 2015):
The Coalition for Broadband Equity
CYC 2.0 calls for digital inclusion investment as price of Comcast-Charter deal
Coalition to FCC: Our cities need affordable rates, adoption investment
Coalition to FCC: Charter/GreatLand low-cost Internet promises are “far too vague”
ASC3 Connect Your Community Center
New ASC3/CYC Center opens to community
CYC Center website