AT&T is deploying fiber in redlined Cleveland neighborhoods

CYC has learned that AT&T is quietly building out its gigabit fiber broadband network in the same East Side and Near West Side Cleveland neighborhoods that historically suffered from the company’s practice of “digital redlining”.

This welcome development is an important sign that Cleveland’s lower-income communities may not face a new round of digital redlining, after all. Read more

AT&T gigabit fiber: Digital redlining again?

Compared to its efforts in some other metro areas, AT&T has been very slow to roll out its gigabit home broadband upgrade, AT&T Fiber, in Cuyahoga County. But new FCC Form 477 data, released last week, suggests that the company finally got its home fiber deployment underway here in 2017.

Unfortunately, the geography of that deployment looks uncomfortably familiar. Read more

New Census data shows digital gaps at neighborhood level

The U.S. Census today released its 2017 American Community Survey data¬† on household Internet access and computer ownership for all of the nation’s 66,000 Census tracts.

Until now, this data has been released only for Census places (i.e. municipalities) with more than 20,000 residents, and only at the community-wide level. Today’s release marks the first time the Census’ “digital inclusion” statistics have become available for smaller communities, city neighborhoods and unincorporated areas.

So here are two maps that provide a first look at what the new, local ACS data reveals about the big differences in broadband access among neighborhoods and communities within Cuyahoga county… and even within the city of Cleveland. Read more