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Latest FCC data shows rural and inner-city Ohioans share a broadband problem

Ohio politicians looking for an issue that unites the interests of Ohioans on both sides of the “urban/rural divide” should take a long hard look at this map.

(Click on the double arrow on the left side of the map to enlarge it.)

The map shows the Federal Communications Commission’s newest Form 477 data on the percentage of households in each Ohio Census tract with “fixed” Internet connections (cable modem, DSL, fiber, satellite) that provide download speeds of 10 mbps or more.  The data is from December 2016 and was released on February 18, 2018. Read more

Dems: What about Ohio cities’ broadband gap?

(This post was updated on March 28 to reflect the approval of Substitute House Bill 378 by the Ohio House Finance Committee on March 21.)

A year after CYC and NDIA first documented the extent of AT&T’s digital redlining of Cleveland neighborhoods, big-city Democrats in the Ohio General Assembly are lining up to support a proposed state grant program for community-driven high-speed broadband investments to fill access gaps left by private providers.

But their own cities and neighborhoods need not apply. Read more