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The high cost of slow broadband

Let’s say you live on the East Side of Cleveland and because of digital redlining, the fastest Internet service you can buy from AT&T is an ADSL2 connection that maxes out at 10 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up. What does that slow connection cost?  As of July 2018, you’ll pay about $65 a month… $60 for the service plus about $5 in fees and taxes.

Now suppose you live in Kamms Corners or Beachwood, there’s an AT&T fiber-to-the-node cabinet in your neighborhood, and your AT&T Internet is VDSL rated at 75 Mbps down and 8 Mbps up.  Or let’s say you live in Bay Village, in one of the few local neighborhoods with access to AT&T fiber-to-the-home service, and your top speed is 100 Mbps down and 100 Mbps up. How much are you paying for 8 to 10 times the download speed and 8 to 100 times the upload speed available to that unfortunate redlined East Side resident?

You’re paying exactly the same: about $65 a month. Read more

CYC will screen “Dividing Lines”, new film on digital exclusion

CYC and Ashbury Senior Computer Community Center are observing Digital Inclusion Week 2018 with one of the first community showings of “Dividing Lines”, a new short film about digital exclusion in three communities: San Francisco, Lagrande in rural Oregon, and Cleveland. Read more

300 from across U.S. turn out for Net Inclusion 2018

Professor Susan Crawford addresses Net Inclusion 2018. (NDIA photo by Valda Lewis Photography)

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance’s annual conference, Net Inclusion 2018, wrapped up Thursday after three days of workshops, tours and networking that drew three hundred participants to Cleveland from twenty-seven states, DC and Canada.

The keynote speaker was Harvard Law Professor Susan Crawford, former Special Assistant to President Obama for Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy, and a frequently published writer on issues of technology policy and fairness. Professor Crawford spoke following the first showing of a new video, “Dividing Lines”, highlighting the impact of Internet access disparities in American communities; the video features CYC director Bill Callahan describing AT&T’s digital redlining of Cleveland. Read more